new site layout! neglected to update this site for a long while thanks to being swamped with studies (check out my "3-year japanese degree" page for details) but now that i'll on exchange to japan for a year i was cleaning up my computer and decided to clean up my neocities as well! i'll try to update / finish writing all the pages i've linked on the main page too.
working on the site layout again...
h-haha well some stuff happened. ANYWAY!! i figured out how to edit CSS on pages directly with Stylish and a Firefox tool and i've been editing the hell out of Memrise's site layout. Next i'll make myself a new website layout (first i have to find a layout to steal! i'm thinking of LJ's 2006 layout because it has cool rollover links) and then i'll make a layout for archive of our own! i already have a good one for FFN.

the notable thing about yule was that we got an off-brand virtual reality headset! apparently you can only buy oculus rift if you live in the USA so we couldn't get that one. ours is a smartphone with goggles pressed against it. it's not good for playing for long amounts of time because it fogs up really easily and your eyes go dry. i have -9 in one eye and -11 in the other, and i can only read text if it's with the bottom half of the screen with the -9 eye. it's still pretty cool though! i don't doubt that we will live in a virtual world in the future - i want a virtual reality dating sim... (virtual reality will mean that even almost blind people can see like normal people, while experiencing movies and games set in real-world places.)

i have now found out all the secrets to japanese grammar. ALL OF THEM. you can learn the entire grammar in probably less than a week - verbs, particles, all the nuances, everything except for how to correctly count with the number system in all situations. after that it's simply a matter of vocabulary. i'm writing the book now, a bit slowly... basically, everything that people say has 5 rules only has 1 rule…
Has it really only been two months since my last update? Feels like it's been way longer. Anyway, I've started fixing up my Japanese grammar pages and re-posting the links to the navbar. My next Japanese class starts soon so I'm going to be really busy again, but I'll be constantly studying Japanese so the pages will probably get updated/written fast.

MASSIVE site overhaul in progress!! It's going to be in progress for a while, I'll be pretty busy for a while.

Changing the layout so you can read more on one page, the font is bigger and more readable, etc. Removing links to most pages because apparently most people online these days seem to not realize that "just because it's online, doesn't mean it's finished/correct/written by an expert/contains all the possible information in the world on the subject".

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